Saturday, March 01, 2008

April Treasures in My Closet and Possible Bestsellers

There are a few guaranteed bestsellers coming out in April, but there are also some fun mysteries and a book by one of my favorite authors. First, the treasures in my closet, a collection of mysteries to be published in April.

What's in my closet right now? What's better for a librarian or reader than the first book in a new series, "A Booktown Mystery"? Murder is Binding is the first in Lorna Barrett's new series. Tricia Miles moved to Stoneham, New Hampshire to open a mystery bookstore. When she finds a body in a cookbook store, she realizes competition can be deadly.

Antiques appraiser Josie Prescott returns in Jane K. Cleland's latest mystery, Antiques to Die For. New Hampshire seems to be a hot bed of crime, as that's the setting for this book, in which Josie searches for a treasure for the bereaved sister of a murdered friend.

Air Force wife, Ellie Avery, is the right woman to clean up Washington, D.C. when she arrives as a tourist in Sara Rosett's new book, Getting Away Is Deadly. A pregnant wife shouldn't have to deal with murder in the nation's capital.

In Dorothy Cannell's Goodbye, Ms. Chips, Ellie Haskell finds herself tracking a murderer at her old boarding school.

Retired NYPD officer and PI Moe Prager trails graverobbers and his family secrets in Reed Farrel Coleman's Empty Ever After.

Nicci French hands Nina Landry a mother's worse nightmare in the thriller, Losing You. No one believes her when her fifteen-year-old daughter disappears, and Nina knows something is wrong.

Easy Innocence, Libby Fischer Hellman's latest book, takes former cop, and now PI, Georgia Davis into a dark world in Chicago, where preppy schoolgirls have learned how much their innocence is worth.

Rural Minnesota is the setting for Deputy Billy Lafitte's disaster, tracking a cell of terrorists, with a severed head in his truck's cab. Yellow Medicine by Anthony Neil Smith takes the lawman from Mississippi into an unfamiliar world.

If you're not interested in mystery treasures, check out the novels that should hit the bestseller lists. David Baldacci is back with The Whole Truth, in which a journalist and a man who only desires peace collide with a defense contractor. Jim Butcher brings back Harry Dresden in Small Favor: A Novel of the Dresden Files. Mab, ruler of the Winter Court, is calling in her marker, and Harry's favor traps him in a nightmare. LAPD Detective Milo Sturgis teams up with psychologist Alex Delaware to deal with a crafty killer in Jonathan Kellerman's Compulsion. What would a month be without a book by James Patterson? Sundays at Tiffany's reunites a lonely woman with her imaginary childhood friend. Ed Eagle's life is in danger when his murderous wife escapes police custody in Stuart Woods' Santa Fe Dead.

And, if you're not interested in mysteries or the typical books that hit the bestseller lists, try a book by one of my favorite authors. Searching for Paradise in Parker, PA is Kris Radish's novel about Addy Lipton's crusade to make some changes in her life, and revive her dreams.

April certainly shouldn't be a boring month for anyone who loves books. Now is the time to request these books at your local public library, or order them from your favorite bookstore.

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