Monday, February 11, 2008

The Wednesday Letters

In his first novel since Christmas Jars, Jason F. Wright has written a story of love and forgiveness that is appropriate for Valentine's Day. The Wednesday Letters is a story of romantic love, long-lasting love of God and family, and beautiful love letters.

Jack and Laurel Cooper had been married for almost forty years. Their bed-and-breakfast in Woodstock, Virginia in the Shenandoah Valley welcomed friends and family. The couple died together on one night, of separate causes. Their deaths reunited their grown children. Matthew, the oldest, arrived without his wife, as he struggled with a troubled marriage. Samantha, a police officer, was a single mother who had left her beloved career in theater. And, Malcolm, the youngest, was called home from Brazil, where he had fled after jumping bail after beating one man and fighting with the attorney who coveted Malcolm's girlfriend. Malcolm's past hangs over the entire family as he faces arrest.

When the three Coopers discover a cache of love letters, they discover family secrets and their parents' past. There are troubling letters that will tear apart their perceptions of their family. The letters are part of their history, stories that can destroy them, or rebuild them as stronger people.

Once again, Wright has written about stories that transform people. In this case, the letters show the power of love and forgiveness. The Wednesday Letters might be a perfect book for Valentine's Day.

Jason F. Wright's website is

The Wednesday Letters by Jason F. Wright. Shadow Mountain, ©2005. 978-1590388129 (hardcover), 280p.


Jason Wright said...

Gee thanks! What a fun way to start my week :)

Lesa said...

And, have a great week, Jason! I've enjoyed both of your books. Thank you.

Kay said...

I think this book is a perfect choice for Valentine's Day. I'll have to see if any of our copies are in right now and add them to the nice little display that my co-worker made.

I have recommended this right and left to patrons. It is circulating like crazy at our branch!

Lesa said...

Thanks, Kay! I'm doing one of my brown bag luncheons on Wednesday, and I'm including that book. I thought it was a good opportunity to push it.

Laura said...

Speaking of The Wednesday Letters, I work with Jason and thought you’d like knowing he has a new contest on his web site where you can win a free trip-for-two to his hometown in VA, the Shenandoah Valley. All you have to do is mail him a Christmas card! All the details are here:

Lesa said...

Thanks, Laura!