Friday, January 11, 2008

A Note from Jeffrey Cohen

Well, Jeff tried to sneak in while I wasn't looking, but I caught him. I wanted to thank him for writing a note to the readers, and, for offering to send an autographed copy of Some Like It Hot-Buttered. I think you'll want to read it, after reading his note. So, don't forget to enter the contest! And, if you don't win, I suggest you buy a copy of this Lefty Award nominee.

Dear Readers:

I've snuck in here while Lesa wasn't looking to tell you about the book she's giving away (for NOTHING! How's a guy supposed to send his children to college when people run around giving away his books for NOTHING???) this month: I know it relatively well, since I wrote it a while back. It's called SOME LIKE IT HOT-BUTTERED, and no, it's not a porno book. Although I'm told those are quite lucrative, but I can't write and giggle at the same time.

SOME LIKE IT HOT-BUTTERED is the first book in the Double Feature Mystery series, featuring Elliot Freed, a recovering writer who sold a book to Hollywood and invested the money he received (as well as some alimony from his ex-wife the doctor) in a decrepit one-screen movie theatre he's re-christened Comedy Tonight, since Elliot shows only comedy films, one classic and one contemporary each week. Elliot, the classic comedy fan, is trying to prove to the world that he's right and it's wrong, and it's not going well.

It's especially not going well one night after a showing of Young Frankenstein (the movie, not the musical), when one patron is found dead of poisoned popcorn. Elliot takes this as a personal insult, both to himself and to Mel Brooks, and decides to investigate.

I decided to write about Elliot when Aaron Tucker, my previous protagonist (As Dog Is My Witness and two other novels), was asking for a larger publishing house, and I didn't have one. Turns out large publishing houses want their own series, and not one that someone else published already, so I invented Elliot, who is sort of Aaron if he had taken a left turn instead of a right at exactly the right moment. Elliot's marriage didn't end up as well as Aaron's, and he has no children, no suburban house and no dog.

He does, however, work in Aaron's home town of Midland Heights, New Jersey, because I just wasn't done with it yet. And I hope that Elliot won't be done with it for quite some time. The second book in the series, IT HAPPENED ONE KNIFE, will be published in July, and I'm writing the third (title TBA) right now. So get in on the ground floor: SOME LIKE IT HOT-BUTTERED has been nominated for this year's Lefty Award for Most Humorous Mystery--what's not to like?

I'll tell you what: In addition to the book Lesa's giving away, I'll throw in a copy of my own, and I'll sign that one. Can you ask for more (well, you can ask, but that's as far as I'm willing to go)?

If you're a fan of the Aaron Tucker books, I promise you'll enjoy SOME LIKE IT HOT-BUTTERED. If you've never heard of the Aaron books before, why not enter a contest and take a chance? And if you detested the Aaron books, well, what the heck am I talking to YOU for?

I hope you like the book. Let me know at jeffATjeffcohenbooksDOTcom, and thanks to Lesa for featuring my book.

Jeffrey Cohen's website is


ruth said...

This books resounds with me. Love the entire idea.

Lesa said...

I loved the characters, Ruth. You ought to try the book!

ellie said...

Since my husband's name is Elliot, spelled the correct way and the book is so unique I will read it. Love the story.

Lesa said...


The book is fun & unique. I hope you enjoy it!

readingissomuchfun said...

This sounds like a very good book. I entered for it but if I don't win I will buy a copy of course ;-) I can't wait to get this one and read it. Love the whole story idea. The cover is wonderful :)


Lesa said...

Whichever way you get it, Linda, I hope you enjoy the book!


Joy said...

This is very odd. I thought I posted here. :( I must have responsed to Jeffrey in my head. LOL

Anyway, I wrote this book down when you mentioned it before, Lesa. I like both fun and unique so it should prove to be a winner. :)

Hi Jeffrey! Thanks for the fun letter. I look forward to reading about Elliot. Happy Writing!

Lesa said...

Oh, that's good, Joy, that you must have replied to Jeffrey in your head! Love it!

Jeff Cohen said...

Funny that I didn't hear the reply in MY head... I'll have to get it checked.

Joy said...

LOL...that made me laugh, Jeff. If your characters are anything like you, I'll like them. :)