Sunday, January 27, 2008

Meet Josh, Our New Kitten

Yesterday, we adopted a new kitten from Maricopa County Animal Control. Meet Josh! He's a six-month-old cuddly, playful kitten, with a purr that can be heard across the room. This is his first picture.

Our three older cats are not exactly sure what to make of him. There's a lot of growling and hissing, but they'll come around. When Nikki was a kitten, it took about a week for everyone to settle in. In the meantime, Jim and I are exhausted babysitters. He wants attention all of the time, and we wear out before he does. However, he's just a lover, as you can see in the picture with Jim.

We do have proof that he rests occasionally, though.

So, what's the connection to books in this post? Well, first, if you've entered my contests, you've read that Jim picks the winners. So, the picture of Jim with Josh is a picture of my husband, who loves to read as much as I do. And, the first person who comments on the blog, with the title of the book on the arm of Jim's chair, will receive a free book.

Cats, books and booklovers. They go together.


Anonymous said...

Is that Stephen King's new book DUMA KEY?

Love the new kitty. Our Xena was mostly black, some white. We miss her but I don't miss her black hairs on my dining room chairs!

Lesa said...

Yes, Kay! It is King's Duma Key.

I have three books to offer you. You can have an ARC of Killer Year: Stories to Die For ed. by Lee Child, an ARC of Notorious by Michele Martinez, or an interesting little book, At Large and At Small: Familiar Essays by Anne Fadiman.

If you email me at with your mailing address, I'll get it out this week.

If none of those books are interesting to you, let me know, and I'll make a few more selections from my treasure closet.


I have wooden chairs, so cat hairs only show up on my clothes. And, since most of the other people at work have pets, none of us care.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Lesa! I'll enjoy the Anne Fadiman book I think. I appreciate it!

pussreboots said...

I have no idea about the book. Just wanted to comment on your beautiful new cat.

Lesa said...

Thank you! Don't worry about the book. Kay guessed right. Thank you for the compliment about Josh.

Anonymous said...

He's gorgeous! Congratulations on the new addition to the family.

Lesa said...

Thank you, Lorraine!

He's a cuddler, so he's just a love. He's a great addition.

Clea Simon said...

I'm too late for the contest, but had to comment anyway: Josh looks like a sweetheart! Welcome, Josh! Enjoy him, Lesa and Jim!

Lesa said...


I even thought of you when I posted this. Josh has just a little white on his chest, and under his chin. And, I knew you'd be pleased he was adopted from the County Animal Control.

He's already had his free vet's checkup, since he was already neutered and had his shots. He was purring so loud that the vet couldn't hear his heartbeat. They had to take him to another room, and run water to get him to stop purring so she could hear it.

He's a love!