Thursday, December 06, 2007

Read, Remember, Recommend

Are you the kind of reader who loves lists of books? Do you read literary fiction? Oprah's book selections? Read, Remember, Recommend: A Reading Journal for Book Lovers was created by Rachelle Rogers Knight just for you. Or, since we're all looking for the perfect gift this time of year, this might be the present for the book lover you know.

This is a useful tool for any book fanatic who loves literary fiction. It not only provides a place for them to keep track of their books, but it offers all kinds of suggestions for future reading. The format is very attractive. For each title listed, there is a place for the reader to check if they own the book, would recommend it, want to read it, or want to buy it or check it out from the library.

There are great lists. It lists the Pulitzer Prize winners for fiction, winners of the Book Sense Book of the Year Award, and numerous other fiction award winners. There are lists of notable books, such as Oprah Winfrey's book selections, and The Modern Library's list of 100 Best Books of the last century. There are enough book titles here to keep a reader happy for life. There are even a couple pages of website listings for future reference.

And, of course, there are the blank pages to journal thoughts about books, comments, and lists. At $14.95, this is a priceless gift for the avid book lover who enjoys literary fiction. I have a family member in mind.

As for me? I'm eagerly awaiting the reading journal for mystery readers. I know I'm not the target market for a literary journal. But, I'm coveting those mystery lists.

Rachelle Rogers Knight's website is

Read, Remember, Recommend, A Reading Journal for Book Lovers by Rachelle Rogers Knight. Bibliopages, ©2007, ISBN 978-0-9800174-0-3 (paperback), $14.95.


Beth(bookaholicmom) said...

I think I may have to splurge and get this journal. It would make a great gift for that booklover along with a gift card for more books!

Lesa said...

Oh, that's perfect, Beth, giving them an entire TBR pile in the form of a book, along with a way to fill it. Very nice.

Josette said...

I really love this journal and glad that I got it for review. True, it's a great gift for a book lover and I'm sure they'll treasure it. I know I will! :)

It wouldn't be a great journal to record my thoughts in as there is a limit to the journal pages in there, unfortunately. I'll have to keep a separate journal for my thoughts and all. Still, I will use it for the numerous lists in there. Really useful.

Wow, a reading journal for mystery readers? Now that's a really interesting one to have! Maybe you could start one? :D

Here is my review of the journal. Thanks! :)

Lesa said...


Thanks for your comments. I'll be over to check out your review shortly.

Me, start the reading journal for mystery readers? I don't think so, but thanks for thinking I should!