Saturday, December 01, 2007

January Bestsellers and More

How do you top the big three, Grisham, King, and Evanovich? They all three have books coming out in January, so hurry to get your name on the list at the public library. If you're ordering the book from a favorite bookstore, the rush isn't so great.

So, this month, I'll list those suspected bestsellers, along with possibilities, and a crime fiction high hopes list. That list is for those few books that I'm hopeful for, ones that I hope will make bestseller lists wherever crime novels are sold.

First, the guaranteed bestsellers, mixed with ones that could make the list.

Janet Evanovich - Plum Lucky (A Stephanie Plum Between-the-Numbers Novel)

James Grippando - Last Call

John Grisham - The Appeal (It's said to be set in Mississippi, focusing on the election process for state Supreme Court justices.)

Stephen King - Duma Key

Jayne Ann Krentz - Sizzle and Burn

Sara Paretsky - Bleeding Kansas

Stuart Woods - Beverly Hills Dead

Now, anyone who has been reading this blog for any length of time knows I have a preference for crime novels. So, here are three January releases that I have high hopes for.

I am a big fan of Louise Ure's Forcing Amaryllis. How can anyone resist the cover of her latest book, The Fault Tree? Or, the plot about an auto mechanic who is blind? She might just hold the clues to a murder, and the killer thinks she saw the getaway car.

If you like your crime fiction with some history background, check out The Serpent's Tale by Ariana Franklin. She brings back Henry II and Adela Aguilar, mistress of the art of death, from the book of that name.

Or, you can move to the Berkshires with Madeline Dare, in Cornelia Read's The Crazy School. Madeline takes a job as a teacher at a borading school for emotionally disturbed children, only to find herself trapped, cut off from the outside world, and allied with a group of students.

Good luck to Louise Ure, Ariana Franklin, and Cornelia Read. On my list, you'd top Grisham, Evanovich, and King.


Kay said...

Ooh, I'm excited about your 3 crime picks as well. I have an ARC of The Fault Tree and I intend to get to it after the holidays. I loved Cornelia Read's first book and can't wait for this second one. I keep meaning to read Ariana Franklin's first book (have it in my closet!) so I'm glad to see the second one is coming soon. Thanks for pointing these out and I'll be rooting for these 3 ladies!

Lesa said...

Kay - Thanks! I think it's a great selection. I have The Fault Tree in my closet, and it's going to make that list as well - Treasures in My Closet. I'm looking forward to all three of them.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lesa,

Hope this works. I'm having the devil of a time leaving a comment here. Google/Blogger hates me.

Thanks for your kind words about THE FAULT TREE. And I'm so glad you like the cover! The folks at St. Martin's kept pushing until they got it just right.

Louise Ure

Lesa said...

It worked, Louise! And, I think the folks at St. Martin's did get it just right.

And, I've heard nothing but good things from the people who had sneak peeks. I'm wishing you all good things for The Fault Tree.

Cornelia Read said...

I'll add to the good comments from people who got a sneak peek of Louise's THE FAULT TREE. I was lucky enough to read it, and it is magnificent, through and through. Louise hooked me with her first novel, but this one is even better (and that's high praise, considering how much I loved FORCING AMARYLLIS). I'm so glad TFT got the gorgeous cover it deserves.

And thank you so much for looking forward to THE CRAZY SCHOOL... I hope you like it!

Lesa said...

That is high praise, Cornelia, for The Fault Tree. Like you, I loved Forcing Amaryllis. I might have to sneak it out of the closet a little early.

I am looking forward to The Crazy School, Cornelia. And, I hope you back to the Poisoned Pen after it comes out. I'll be there!