Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Fifty-Seven Heaven

Lonnie Cruse didn't leave Metropolis, Illinois behind when she started a new mystery series. She just added a new family to Sheriff Joe Dalton's community, with Kitty and Jack Bloodworth, featured in Fifty-Seven Heaven.

Sheriff Joe Dalton and his family have developed in time, in the Metropolis mysteries. Now, Cruse has introduced the Bloodworths in an enjoyable, traditional mystery. Kitty and Jack Bloodworth were high school sweethearts. Now they're recapturing their youth as members of the Metropolis Super Cruisers, parents of two grown daughters, and two grandchildren. They just need to live long enough to enjoy their classic car, and their retirement.

Kitty's cousin, Will Ann Lloyd, was able to spoil any gathering with her poisonous comments. Now, she's managed to spoil a classic car contest by ending up dead in Jack's restored '57 Chevy. There were a great number of people who might have wanted Will Ann dead, including her family, but Kitty was convinced none of them could have done it. They all had alibis. And, who would have been able to sneak into Jack's locked barn and put the body in the trunk?

Someone in the family is keeping secrets. But, once Kitty is run off the road, and spends the night in the car, she can't remember the past couple weeks. She doesn't remember Will Ann's death, the accident, or anything relating to it. But, someone thinks Kitty knows more than she's telling.

Jack & Kitty Bloodworth are interesting new characters in a fun story. Looking for a satisfying, traditional mystery, featuring a loving, retired couple? Try Cruse's Fifty-Seven Heaven, the first Kitty Bloodworth, '57 Mystery.

Lonnie Cruse's website is www.lonniecruse.com

Fifty-Seven Heaven by Lonnie Cruse. Five Star, ©2007. ISBN 978-1-59414-600-8 (hardcover), 239p.


Lonnie Cruse said...


I'm so glad you enjoyed reading Fifty-Seven Heaven. Thanks for your terrific review! Lonnie

Lesa said...

Lonnie - I love your characters, and their love and involvement with their families. Thanks for sending it to me!