Friday, November 09, 2007

Louise Penny's blog

Louise Penny, one of my favorite authors, started a blog this month. If you haven't read her mysteries set in Quebec, why not? Start with Still Life, the book that won the New Blood Dagger in England, the Arthur Ellis Award in Canada, and the Dilys Award from the Independent Mystery Booksellers Association. Once you've met Inspector Armand Gamache, you'll want to read A Fatal Grace. And, those of us who are fans in the United States, can't wait to read The Cruelest Month, which is due out in March. And, I know at least two of us who are eagerly awaiting Louise Penny's appearance at the Poisoned Pen Bookstore in Scottsdale, AZ in March.

Louise's blog is at She's going to try to post daily, but I hope she's not neglecting her writing! I'm in Arizona, so the weather and life in Quebec is quite different when I read about it. For me, it's a chance to spend a couple minutes a day reading about one of my favorite authors.

Louise Penny's website is


sabrina said...

I have read Louise Penny's novels and I love them. Not only for the story but because it is familiar territory for me. I used to live in Montreal, born there and lived there 30 years and am now in the SW. When she describes her area and the people it is vivid.

Kay said...

I have absolutely loved Louise Penny's books, all three of them. The new one, The Cruellest Month, is great by the way. I am recommending her books to everyone I know and hoping to get her to call in to our upcoming mystery group (which starts in January).

Lesa said...

Sabrina - It's great to know that Louise Penny's descriptions are as vivid to someone familiar with the area as it is to me, when I've never been there.

And, Kay, I have The Cruelest Month in those treasures in my closet, but I'm waiting until closer to pub date. You're the second one who read it and said it was great, though. She hasn't let us down yet!