Saturday, November 10, 2007

Going International

My first international link from Lesa's Book Critiques was on Zoё Sharp's webpage, the British author of the Charlie Fox novels. Zoё was a welcome guest at the Velma Teague Library when she was on her U.S. tour for Second Shot.

Yesterday, I heard from Martin Edwards, British author of the Lake District Mysteries and the Liverpool Mysteries, as well as other novels. If you'd like to hear his voice, check out his blog at, where he introduces himself. Martin is going to link to Lesa's Book Critiques from his blog.

As of today, Eric's Boekensite, a Dutch site, will include Lesa's Book Critiques on Eric's Directory, the English language section. This blog is one of the first nine from the United State to be included in this online niche directory consistign of book-related websites. Eric Verbiest has selected sites that he feels would be of interest to his visitors. I'm honored to be included with Sarah Weinman's Confessions of an Idiosyncratic Mind, Murderati, and The Rap Sheet. Eric's Boekensite is very interesting.

Thanks to Zoё Sharp, Martin Edwards and Eric Verbiest for thinking Lesa's Book Critiques might be of interest to your readers, in the U.S. or Europe. I've gone international!


Kay said...

Congratulation to you, Lesa! It is well deserved and I know that the international community will love your blog just like we do here in the States.

Lesa said...

Thank you, Kay! I try to make it something that people will enjoy.

Eric said...

Hope it will bring you a lot of visitors :)


Lesa said...

Thanks, Eric! And, I added your site to my links. I appreciate it.