Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Christmas Jars

A wise author, O.Henry, once said, "that life is made up of sobs, sniffles, and smiles, with sniffles predominating." His "The Gift of the Magi," is the perfect Christmas story in my opinion, with tears, love, and hope. Jason F. Wright's Christmas Jars offers the same type of Christmas message, combining tears, love, and Hope.

As a baby, Hope was left in a booth at Chuck's Chicken 'n' Biscuits on New Year's Eve. The house cleaner who adopted her, Louise Jensen, fought for her daughter, told her the truth about that New Year's, and loved her as long as she lived. She encouraged all of Hope's dreams to be a journalist, and Hope made rapid progress at the local newspaper.

But when her apartment was broken into soon after her mother's death, Hope was lost and alone. Someone, understanding that, left her a Christmas Jar. There was over $200 in it, but for Hope, it was a message. It was a message that there was a story behind the Christmas Jar, and she began to dig for that story. She discovered other people who had received Christmas Jars from Good Samaritans, and, with the determination to write that story, she followed the leads until she discovered a family that might be the source of the Christmas Jars. Hope soon realizes she has the potential for a blockbuster of a story, one that could be above the fold on page 1. Or, she could destroy a Christmas secret.

The perfect Christmas story is sentimental, filled with love, tears, and a miracle or two. Wright's Christmas Jars meets all of those requirements.

Christmas Jars by Jason F. Wright. Shadow Mountain Publishing, ©2005, ISBN 978-1-59038-481-7 (paperback), 122p.


Joy said...

I've been on the waitlist for this book for a couple of weeks. I hope it comes in soon!

Lesa said...

I stayed up last night to finish it, Joy. It's a tearjerker!

Jason Wright said...

Hey there! So glad you all enjoyed it. I hope you've got jars on your counters to pass on the tradition!

Lesa said...

Hey, Jason!

If you read this - the back of my copy says, "Coming as a Major Motion Picture." Is that still on? If so, what can you say about it?

Thank you for a perfect Christmas book.

Kay said...

I will be getting this one soon. I enjoyed The Wednesday Letters so much. Everyone should read that one as well. It doesn't have a Christmas theme but you need something to use those Christmas giftcards for don't you?

Thanks for the review, Lesa.

Lesa said...

Thank you for the note about The Wednesday Letters, Kay. I'm on the waiting list on that one. Nice to know I need to read it.

Jason Wright said...

Can't say much, but it's definitely in the works. Our fingers are crossed for a 2008 release... When I know more and get the green light to share, I will!

Lesa said...

Good luck, Jason!

I hope it works out.