Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A Lifetime of Secrets Release Date

I usually don't highlight a book just because of its release date, but A Lifetime of Secrets: A PostSecret Book by Frank Warren is one that we've been waiting for in the library system where I work. I requested it for my branch, and I'm already third on the waiting list. Warren appeared on Today this morning, which probably kicked off the holds.

Warren's book PostSecret is one of the most popular books in my library branch. He started out by inviting people to send him creatively decorated postcards that reveal a secret from their lives. He has received more than 150,000 anonymous postcards since November 2004.

I'll be waiting to read this one.

A Lifetime of Secrets: A PostSecret Book by Frank Warren. HarperCollins Publishers, ©2007, ISBN 9780061238604 (hardcover), 144p.


Joy said...

They are pretty interesting secrets for sure. I read them on the blog:


Lesa said...

There are a number of us here addicted to the blog. Also addicted to the books!