Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Interview with Louie Lawent

Today, I had the opportunity to turn the tables on Louie Lawent, and interview the author of The Louie/God Interviews (What The Big Fella Really Thinks about Man And The Universe). He's also the author of a children's book, Gerty the Pig, as well as the co-writer of a pop rock song called "Pop Star", which is performed and co-written by Billy Livesay.

Lesa: Louie, thank you for taking the time to do an interview with me. Would you start out by giving my readers a quick summary of your book, The Louie/God Interviews (What The Big Fella Really Thinks About Man And The Universe)?

Louie: I grill God about his checkered career, but it's done benignly, and a frustrated Creator makes a good case for himself - well, most of the time. The interviews cover biblical happenings, His propensity to smite, evolution, pop culture, and a God who believes He's the victim of a disinformation campaign. It's "The Far Side" meets "The Thinker" meets the "Frat Boy." A God who considered creation "a good day in the hood." A God who when I asked Him His real opinion of people, he replied, "They're like radio songs that are fine for the car ride home, but you'd never purchase them to be part of your master collection."

Lesa: Neale Donald Walsch did a serious series of books called Conversations with God. And, Avery Corman wrote the book, Oh, God! that was made into the fun movie starring George Burns. Why do you think God had more to say to you, after these two books?

Louie: Well, Neale, in essence felt the being of God as an inner voice while I experienced the real thing. God had an intense need to comment about pop culture, especially American pop culture, along with clearing up a lot of misperceptions about Him and allowing the readers and me to be privy to little known facts about him. I was surprised that even heaven is plagued by a rabid rumor mill where the Big Guy takes His share of lumps. As far as Corman goes, he dealt in fantasy. Imagine, God appearing as an old man. How preposterous!

Lesa: Tell us a little about yourself, Louie, so we know why God picked you to interview him.

Louie: I think He knows I'm a fellow with a high ethical base - who wouldn't dare misquote Him. Who wouldn't be afraid to intellectualize the frat boy and bodily function industries when the occasion demanded it.

Lesa: Louie, you've written a children's book, Gerty the Pig, and song lyrics. Now that you've interviewed God, what's next?

Louie: Well, I hope to do more of the same. After all, Edison kept inventing. He didn't stop after the phonograph. It's a shame that pet rock guy hung it up instead of domesticating boulders.

Lesa: As a librarian, I always like to ask authors what role libraries played in their lives.

Louie: I loved going to the library during my childhood summers. My hometown had that wonderful library smell. I loved to read and it certainly gave me product. Over the years I have used it as a writer's resource. I prefer to own books, but even the library assists in this respect as when I see an interesting book there, I say, "That's a book I must have in my permanent collection." My hometown library in Berlin, Wisconsin is magnificent. It is open 6 days a week. Long hours. I live in the state of Oregon now. The library is presently closed because of budget problems. that doesn't speak well for the values of the community in which I live.

Lesa: And, one last question. What do you think was God's most important message in your book, The Louie/God Interviews (What The Big Fella Really Thinks About Man And The Universe)?

Louie: That He lives. But we better behave!

Lesa: Thank you, Louie, for taking the time to answer my questions.

The Louie/God Interviews (What The Big Fella Really Thinks About Man And The Universe) by Louie Lawent. Lulu.com, ©2007. ISBN 9781430328797 (paperback), 83p.


Maria said...

I wonder if he asked God about the whole birthing process. I've often thought the enginering plan on that one certainly could have been improved upon. I mean, what was He *thinking* when He came up with that????

Lesa said...


I bet Louie didn't ask God that question. My guess, it would probably take a woman interviewer to ask that question. I don't think most men would want to get involved in the question. (grin)

patrick said...

watched Conversations with God recently, i appreciate the point that Neale Donald Walsch makes about having freedom to admit that he's not perfect so he can move on from where he is at that point.

Lesa said...

You're right, Patrick. That would enable a person to move on. Thank you.