Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Way Down Dead in Dixie

The cousins who write under the name Caroline Cousins bring back their fun, witty characters in their third mystery, Way Down Dead in Dixie. Anyone who enjoyed Anne George's Southern Sisters might want to check out these southern women.

Cousins sets the perfect atmosphere for a steamy, island mystery with the opening sentence, "On the hottest night of the year, the three met in the graveyard for the last time." Perfect beginning for a mystery set on Indigo Island, part of the South Carolina Low Country. It's the perfect beginning for a mystery featuring those three eccentric women, Lindsey Fox and her cousins Margaret Ann (Mam) and Bonnie. Lindsey has returned home to Indigo, where she acts as manager for Pinckney Plantation, and dates a deputy. She also gets into scrapes with her cousins.

Only Lindsey and her cousins could fall over a cemetery fence and land on a body buried on the wrong side. The high school ring indicates the body belongs to a teenager thought to have died in Hurricane Camille. Why is she still on Indigo? What secrets does her diary reveal? And, who is burglarizing houses on the island? Once again, southern family connections are key to the mysteries on Indigo, and it takes three women who understand those connections to find the solution.

Cousins' mysteries are always fun, with mysteries deeply set into the past and family connections. And Lindsey, Mam, and Bonnie's conversations are outrageous and funny. The authors definitely understand the deep, warm relationship between women who are close and share a past history. Anyone looking for warm, witty mysteries with eccentric southern characters won't go wrong with Caroline Cousins' books.

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Way Down Dead in Dixie by Caroline Cousins. John F. Blair Publisher, ©2007, ISBN 978-0-89587-336-1 (paperback), 175p.


Kay said...

This book sounds like a lot of fun. I, of course, will have to go back and read the first one before getting to this one. I've just ordered it from ILL. Thanks for the recommendation! I'm really enjoying "Thistle and Twigg" right now.

Lesa said...

I agree with you, Kay. I'd have to pick up the first one in this series. Those southern families are complicated and eccentric enough without coming in in the middle of a series. Enjoy!