Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Majestic Descending

I understand that the author, Mitchell Graham, recently switched from fantasy to this first attempt at a thriller. With Majestic Descending, he definitely made a successful switch. Graham does an outstanding job developing characters the reader grows to care about, and places them in a situation that sounds all too plausible in today's world.

Katherine Adams is an Atlanta attorney whose life since she was in college has been in turmoil. She was the lone survivor of a serial killer, and it continues to haunt her. That crisis may have been one of the reasons for her tumultuous divorce. She's now a lawyer in private practice who handles domestic relations cases. And, she's ready for a vacation when her best friend, Beth Doliver asks her to go on a cruise.

Professor Ellis Stephens is also on the Ocean Majestic cruise ship. He's just made a medical breakthrough that will have companies begging for his work. The Dean of his Department at Columbia encouraged him to take the trip after his discovery.

One other person on the cruise is John Delaney, a lawyer who is a former cop, and a professor at John Jay College.

These four people come together at dinner on the cruise ship, and Katherine is immediately attracted to Delaney. They're just starting to get to know each other, when explosions rock the ship, and passengers and crew are forced to abandon ship. But, Katherine went looking for Professor Stephens and found him shot dead in his cabin. It's only in the lifeboat that she recognizes the man she saw arguing with Stephens.

When Katherine and Delaney turn their information over to authorities, they think they're done with the disaster. However, it's not long before Katherine becomes a target, and neither of them understand why. Delaney says, "It's not enough a guy at our table gets murdered, we nearly burn to death on a cruise ship, and miss drowning by the skin of our teeth, now a phantom shows up and tries to kill you."

Graham created interesting characters and a thrilling plot. Majestic Descending also includes compelling trial scenes. Explosions, murder, court trials and a little romance. What more does a reader want?

Mitchell Graham's website is www.mitchellgraham.net

Majestic Descending by Mitchell Graham. Forge Books, ©2007. ISBN 978-0-765-31812-1 (hardcover), 352p.


Anonymous said...

Bravo Lisa! This book rocked me, particularly the ending. I think it's just about a perfect beach read. I only hope Mr. Graham does more with these enganging characters. His use of dialogue and tension are top notch as are your recommendations.


Lesa said...

Thank you, Brian, for the comment about my recommendations.

Rumor has it, this book is the first in a series to feature these characters. However, I only read that on a mystery listserv, so I can't promise.

Keep reading! And, thanks for reading here.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa:

I believe the rumors are true. I say this because I met the author at a book singing in Wellington, Fl two weeks ago. Super nice guy (and also very cute.) He told me there are three more books planned with the characters of Katherine and Delaney. The next is called, "Dead Docket" and should be out at the beginning of next year. "Stone Mountain" will follow it.

"Majestic Descending" is one of the best books I've read in a long time. Our book club picked it as our main selection.

I just love your website. Keep up the good work!

Leigh Anne

Lesa said...

Thanks, Leigh Anne! I hope Brian comes back to read your comment about the books.

I'll keep trying on the website!

yaguara2003 said...

News: I am finishing up the screenplay this week for Mitchell Graham's Majestic descending. I believe it has already been optioned for a movie. I have spoken with mitch and he told me bruce willis's company is interested in it. So hopefully it will work out.

Will keep you all posted.

Jeff Dearman
Winchester, MA

Screenwriter - Majestic descending

Lesa said...

Thank you, Jeff! Please do keep us posted. If it's picked up, I'd like to let people know, even though we all know it could still be years until the movie is made. But, I wish you and Mitch good luck with Majestic Descending. I can see that it would be a terrific movie.

yaguara2003 said...

I am about halfway done with the screenplay ATM.

Will try to finish it up this week. I'm typing like crazy here. ;p

My only hope is that Bruce will like it and by it as its already been optioned by his company (At least that's what I hear from Mitch). and hopefully they will buy it for a good sum and we'll get enough money to get us by well off until the movie is made.

Mitch apparently already has some actors and actresses including Bruce and a couple female actresses interested in the movie. So hopefully we won't have much to worry about it except getting it made. Which hopefully will happen sooner than you think.

It helps that Mitch has a legal background which will help us in the legal process.

Lesa said...

Continued good luck with everything, Jeff! And, have you heard anything from Mitch about the next book, supposedly called Dead Docket?

yaguara2003 said...

He's going to send me a copy soon and I will write that screenplay as well.

Apparently he already has interest in hollywood on that one too.

I have finished and edited the screenplay for Majestic and sent it on to Mitch. Hopefully we'll hear some good things soon.

Fyi look for me in the Kevin James film - Paul Blart Mall Cop - I was a shopper.

Also I was in This Side of the Truth with Jennifer Garner filmed in Lowell the other day - (Lowell Mass.) . I was a fan attending a movie premire. - watching the writer in the movie Mark come out of a limo with Garner.

I was also in the Game Plan by Disney with Dwayne the Rock Johnson I was a sideline security guard at Gillette Stadium :P

I am currently writing a screenplay called Gila Bend about a Giant Gila Monster that terrorizes the small town of Gila bend Arizona. :)

Will keep you updated when I read Dead Docket.

Lesa said...

Thanks for the update, Jeff. As an Arizona resident, the Gila Bend Monster sounds interesting as well.

Sounds like you have a busy career as an extra. Must be interesting!