Sunday, July 15, 2007

For Cozy Mystery Readers

If you enjoy cozy mysteries, you might enjoy two of the sites I link to here, Cozy Library, and Cozy-Mystery.

Diana's site, The Cozy Library, is the perfect place to curl up with a cup of tea and learn about cozy books. You can get to know your favorite cozy authors at this site that links to authors' websites and blogs. It has book reviews and listings of holiday books. Diana also links to contests, including the weekly contests I run here. Don't forget to sign up for Cozy Times, an excellent newsletter.

Cozy-Mystery, Danna's site, is "A Guide to Cozy Mystery (and Other Favorite) Books and DVDs". Here you can find an alphebetical list of authors, with Danna's comments. She also discusses TV shows, many based on cozy mysteries. Check out her blog as well.

If you're a cozy mystery reader, there's a wealth of material for you, just on these two sites.


Joy said...

Thanks for sharing, Lesa. I didn't know about Cozy Library. :)

Lesa said...

You're welcome, Joy. Since I just added Cozy-Mystery, I thought I'd talk about both sites.

Danna said...

Thank you, Lesa, for telling your viewers about my site. I am really enjoying keeping up with your blog!

Thanks, again....Danna

Lesa said...

You're welcome, Danna. You have some nice features on your site, and I think cozy readers will appreciate it.

Keizerfire said...

I always seem to find good stuff here! Like I really need to add to my TBR pile....but thank you!

Lesa said...

Thank you for the comment about good stuff. And, I don't think a TBR pile is ever complete. I'm sure I won't get through everything I want to read by the time I die.

I was one of those weird kids that wanted to read everything ever written, until one day it dawned on me that they continued to publish books. My whole goal in life - destroyed.