Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Brown Bag Luncheons

Once every three months, I'm lucky enough to do two brown bag luncheons, one with library patrons, and one, a week later with library staff. I take fifteen books with me to talk about, while they listen, share their excitement, and have lunch.

Today was the luncheon with the library patrons, and next Thursday I'll take the books up to the Main Library and have a fun hour or so discussing books with the staff. What's any better than talking about books?

Here are the books from the Hot Summer Reads List.

Cleeves, Ann – Raven Black – (Adult Fiction) A traditional British mystery, set in the Shetland Islands. Introduces Inspector Jimmy Perez who investigates when a teen is found strangled. Projected first in a series.

Copp, Rick – Fingerprints and Facelifts – (Adult Fiction) Think “Charlie’s Angels” on estrogen. Now in their fifties, three former detectives reunite when their children are threatened. Fun, campy book.

Everything I Needed to Know About Being a Girl I Learned from Judy Blume – (Adult Nonfiction) Essays by women writers such as Meg Cabot, Beth Kendrick, and Julie Kenner, talking about Blume’s influence on their lives.

Fadiman, Anne – At Large and At Small – (Adult Nonfiction) Essays by the author of Ex Libris.

Goudge, Eileen – Woman in Red - (Adult Fiction) A woman loses everything when her son is hit by a car, and she tries to run over the driver. Returning to Gray’s Island means facing her other son, who becomes a victim himself.

Grabenstein, Chris – Whack A Mole - (Adult Fiction) Third in the Ceepak crime fiction series, set on the New Jersey shore. John Ceepak’s partner, Danny Boyle, realizes he might have ruined their case, as they look for a serial killer who resurfaced twenty years after his crimes.

Graham, Mitchell – Majestic Descending - (Adult Fiction) A lawyer from Atlanta suddenly becomes a target when she witnesses an argument on a cruise ship, before a man is murdered, and the cruise ship is sunk.

Hart, Marjorie – Summer at Tiffany - (Memoir) Hart’s memoir of New York City in 1945, when she and a friend became the first women to work the floor at Tiffany’s.

James, Sara & Ginger Mauney – The Best of Friends: Two Women, Two Continents, and One Enduring Friendship - (Memoir) Story of two women, friends since the age of twelve, and their lifelong connection.

Koertge, Ron – The Brimstone Journals – (Teen Fiction) 15 students at Branston High School, Class of 2001, are profiled through their poems, written as journal entries.

Matheson, Richard – I Am Legend – (Adult Fiction) The classic story of the last man, as he struggles for survival against vampires for three years. A forthcoming movie.

Maupin, Armistead – Michael Tolliver Lives – (Adult Fiction) The story of a survival of the gay years in San Francisco, twenty years later.

Riordan, Rick – The Lightning Thief – (Youth Fiction) Now that Harry Potter’s over, try Riordan’s series about Percy Jackson & the Olympians. A young boy who is a misfit at school, ends up at a camp for children of the gods.

Sharp, Zoe – First Drop – (Adult Fiction) Charlie Fox, ex-British army, takes a job as bodyguard for a teenager in Florida, only to be forced to go on the run with the boy.

Smith, Deborah – Sweet Hush (Adult Fiction) A successful businesswoman has problems when her son runs off with the President’s daughter.


Joy said...

Sounds like two wonderful hours. :) Enjoy!

Lesa said...

Thanks, Joy! I always do. And, the nice thing is, the library staff group has been growing since people find out how much fun it is.