Sunday, May 06, 2007

Agatha Award Winners

Rumor on the street is that these are the winners of the Agatha Awards. The awards were presented this weekend at Malice Domestic. They represent mysteries that reflect the traditional mystery novel, as written by Agatha Christie. Congratulations to all of the winners and the nominees!

Nancy Pickard's The Virgin of Small Plains won Best Novel.

The Best First Novel was Sandra Parshall's The Heat of the Moon.

Chris Roerden won in the Best Non-Fiction category for Don't Murder Your Mystery.

Toni Kelner's story, "Sleeping with the Plush," which was published in Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine in May 2006, won Best Short Story.

Nancy Mears Wright won in the category of Best Children's/Young Adult Novel for The Pea Soup Poisonings.


Catharine said...

!! How did you learn this!

I've been hammering on Search Engines trying to find the winners and haven't found a single press release or story about the winners.

I'd like to congradulate the winners -- but not if I could be wrong....

Anonymous said...

I was there, and these are indeed the winners.

Lesa said...

It was reported on DorothyL, two of the winners were verified on Crimespace, and then I saw it a third time. Three reports were enough for me. Thank you to the person who said these were the winners.