Sunday, February 11, 2007

Village Affairs

Cassandra Chan brings Scotland Yard Detective Sergeant Jack Gibbons and his wealthy friend, Philip Bethancourt back in this sequel to The Young Widow. It's a mystery for those fans of traditional mysteries who enjoy Agatha Christie. Chan takes the reader to an English village, and introduces the characters of the town.

Bethancourt is actually pleased when a middle-aged widower is found dead in his cottage, and the death looks suspicious. He's hoping an investigation will force Gibbons out of the funk he's in, due to a failed romance. The case certainly does wonders for Bethancourt's spirits. He's a wealthy man-about-town who enjoys amateur sleuthing as a hobby.

As in any enjoyable traditional mystery, the dead man has secrets unearthed by the investigation. There are the typical characters, a vicar, a couple celebrities, a brother and sister who seem a little different, and the protective housekeeper.

In Gibbons and Bethancourt, Chan has created two interesting characters who methodically unravel a confusing case. It's a comfortable read.

Village Affairs by Cassandra Chan. St. Martin's Minotaur, ©2006, ISBN 9780312337506 (hardcover), 368p.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting a mention of this book/author on DotL. It's gotten quite hard for those of us who love traditional mysteries to find new books to read. I was afraid that no one was writing them any more.
Great blog too. I'll bookmark it so I can check in again from time to time.

Lesa said...

You're welcome, Lorraine. I like a good traditional mystery. You're right. You don't see too many of them nowadays.

I hope you checked out Louise Penny's Still Life to see if you like it. Her new one will be due out in this country soon. It's already out in Canada, and I've heard good things about it.

Thanks for the nice note about the blog. Hurry back!

Anonymous said...

I've checked out the first Cassandra Chan book to start with (have to read in order you know!) and then will look for this one. It sounds like I will enjoy both of them. Thanks so much for pointing out and highlighting new books for us.

Lesa said...

You're welcome! I love discovering new authors. And, you're right. I usually have to read them in order too, but this one looked too good to pass up when I had it.