Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Warm Up with a Good Book - 2007

I do a quarterly brown bag luncheon for a small group of patrons at the library. I talk about fifteen books that I read in the last quarter, ones I want to promote. Starting last quarter, I also do a second luncheon for the staff up at our Main Library. These are the books I'm featuring tomorrow at my branch, and next week at Main.


Adair, Suzanne – Paper Woman – (Adult Fiction) What happened to the neutral parties during the American Revolution? Sophie Barton only wanted to run her father’s printing press, but she found herself running from the British in a story filled with adventure, romance, mystery and suspense.

Berg, Elizabeth – The Handmaid and the Carpenter (Adult Fiction) The story of the romance and marriage of Mary and Joseph.

Bryson, Bill – The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid (92 Bryson, Bill) Bryson’s anecdotal story of his childhood in the Midwest in the 1950s.

Cavanagh, Thomas B. – Head Games (On order, Adult Fiction) Retired cop Mike Garrity has a brain tumor, and nothing going for him, until he looks for the lead singer in his estranged daughter’s favorite boy band.

Collins, Natalie R. – Behind Closed Doors (On order, Adult Paperback) A suspenseful novel of a young woman, estranged from the Mormon Church, but forced to confront her past when her best friend disappears.

Cook, Troy – 47 Rules of Highly Effective Bank Robbers (Adult Fiction) Lefty Award nominee about a young girl who robbed banks with her father, until she fell for a small-town sheriff’s son.

Fate, Robert – Baby Shark – (Adult Fiction) When a teenager is left for dead, and her father is murdered, she carefully plans revenge against a motorcycle gang.

Flora, Kate – Playing God – (Adult Fiction) Joe Burgess, “The meanest cop in Portland, Maine, investigates when a universally disliked doctor is murdered.

Furiya, Linda – Bento Box in the Heartland: My Japanese Girlhood in Whitebread America – (92, Furiya, Linda) The author grew up in the only Japanese family in Versailles, IN, and tells of her life, and the importance of traditional food to her family and culture.

Penny, Louise – Still Life – (Adult Fiction) In a traditional mystery, Chief Inspector Armand Gamache brings his team to investigate the suspicious death of an older woman in a small town in Quebec.

Pierce, Tamora – Terrier – (Teen Fiction) The first in a new series, featuring Beka Cooper, a rookie with the law-enforcing Provost’s Guard in the kingdom of Tortall.

Raybourn, Deanna – Silent in the Grave – (Adult Fiction) An outstanding Victorian era historical mystery in which Lady Julia Grey teams up with inquiry agent Nicholas Brisbane to find her husband’s killer.

Read, Cornelia – A Field of Darkness – (Adult Fiction) Nominated for an Edgar for Best First Mystery, Madeline Dare gets caught up in the investigation when the bodies of two girls are found nineteen years after their murder.

Stern, Jane & Michael – Two for the Road – (394.12 S839t) The columnists for Gourmet magazine talk about their life exploring American roadfood.

Thornton, Betsy – A Whole New Life – (Adult Fiction) Lives change when a woman is murdered, and her husband arrested in a southern Arizona town.


Rebbie Macintyre said...

I'm a first-time blog reader, Lesa, but I'll be back! I love your choices for reading. Thanks!
Rebbie Macintyre

Lesa said...

Welcome, Rebbie! I hope you do come back. And, feel free to comment anytime. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I loved "Field of Darkness". Does she have another coming out soon? Also just read "Behind Closed Doors". I then ordered "Wives and Sisters" to follow up and I look forward to that. Very interesting! Love your blog by the way. I read it faithfully. We seem to have a lot of reading tastes in common. Thanks! (Kay)

Lesa said...

Thank you, Kay. I hope you keep coming back to the blog.

I know Cornelia's next book will be a sequel to Field of Darkness, but I haven't seen a release date yet. I just checked her website, and I don't see any announcement of the pub date or title.