Thursday, January 04, 2007


Tamora Pierce, who writes of some of the strongest women characters I've ever read, starts a new trilogy with Terrier, the first book about Beka Cooper.

Beka's story predates the Alanna books by hundreds of years, but it's still set in the kingdom of Tortall. After growing up in the poor section, the Lower City, Beka is stationed there as a rookie in the law-enforcing Provost's Guard. Beka is a Puppy, a rookie in her first year as a Dog. What Beka lacks in years, she makes up with her abilities to communicate with dust spinners and pigeons. She is also aided by Pounce, a cat with his own unusual talents.

Beka tells her own story in the form of a journal of her first year. Her trainers are two wise, experienced Dogs, Tunstall and Goodwin. They're wise enough to listen to her when she nervously reports that she's heard the spinners and pigeons talk about death. Children have disappeared from the Lower City, and there are whispers about the Shadow Snake, up until now, a story to scare little ones. And, according to the pigeons, they are carrying the souls of people who died digging for the valuable fire opals.

Terrier is an enthralling story of the training year of a Pup, and two mysteries that haunt the Lower City. Once again, Pierce has brought captivating characters to life in a powerful story of mystery and dogged police work. And any cat lover will want a Pounce. If you're looking for powerful female characters, you can't go wrong with Tamora Pierce's books.

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Terrier by Tamora Pierce. Random House, ©2006. ISBN 9780375814686 (hardcover), 581p.

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