Sunday, January 21, 2007

Suspicious Circumstances

Sandra Ruttan's debut mystery is filled with twists and turns to satisfy any reader of crime fiction. Reluctant allies work together, not even completely trusting each other in a town enveloped in secrets.

Lara Kelly is a new reporter at The Ledger in Oakridge, CT when a man brings her a video that looks like a woman committing suicide. When her editor pushes her to connect that video with crooked cops, her story in the newspaper draws the attention of the police. Detective Tymen Farraday shows up in her office, a man with a bitter history with reporters. Reluctantly joining forces, they find a possible crime scene that is violated, and a file is stolen. Farraday and Kelly follow their clues and instincts into a case muddled in politics, violence, and threats. The corruption in Oakridge seems to touch countless people as reporters dig into stories about drugs and missing women. Soon, Kelly and Farraday realize there are very few people they can trust as they doggedly continue to dig for answers.

Kelly and Farraday are strong characters, persistent detectives determined to do the legwork and brainwork necessary to solve crimes. Ruttan's first book shows excellent police and journalistic skills at work in a story that will satisfy all of us who enjoy watching cases slowly reveal themselves.

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Suspicious Circumstances by Sandra Ruttan. TICO Publishing, ©2006, ISBN 0977768899 (hardcover), 310p.


Sandra said...

Lesa, thank you for the thorough and thoughtful review. I'm glad you enjoyed the book.

Kristie said...

Ooh... this book sounds wonderful! I have added it to my ever-growing books to be on the lookout for! Thanks for the wonderful reviews!