Tuesday, January 02, 2007

February Treasures in My Closet

Earlier today, I mentioned the books coming out in February that are predicted to be bestsellers. I also have five ARCs in my closet, books that always have the potential of breaking through. They'll also be published in February. Reserve these books now at your local public library, or pre-order them from a bookstore. You never know when an ARC will be an undiscovered treasure!

By The Time You Read This by Giles Blunt - The award-winning author returns with the latest book in his Detective John Cardinal series.

Kiss Her Goodbye by Robert Gregory Browne - A thriller in which an ATF agent races against time to save his teen daughter's life.

The Conjurer by Cordelia Frances Biddle - An intriguing sounding debut for a historical crime series. In Philadelphia in 1842, an heiress' search for her missing father brings her together with the mayor's assistant as he investigates a famous conjurer.

Glass Houses by Jane Haddam - The latest Gregor Demarkian novel in which the retired Demarkian looks into the case of a serial killer, and a man who confesses to the crimes.

The Water Thief by Ben Pastor - A historical mystery set in Rome involving murder and a lost letter by Hadrian.

Good luck to all the authors and their readers!


Rob Gregory Browne said...

Lesa, thanks so much for the mention of KISS HER GOODBYE. I've been a library hound all my life -- sometimes I feel as if I was raised in the fiction stacks -- and I appreciate the kind words.

Lesa said...

Rob - Your book sounds like one of the few on the list that my husband might like, too. He and I seldom overlap in our reading taste, but Kiss Her Goodbye is one title that might appeal to both of us.

Good luck, particularly to someone who was raised in the fiction stacks. (smile)

Cordelia Frances Biddle said...

Thanks for your lovely words, Lesa.
You can imagine how much time I spent in research libraries while delving into the era of THE CONJURER. And yes, I found genuine newspapers and journals and magistrates' lists. Nothing electronic! It can be wondrous to live in the past... Although I do become a danger to myself while walking home through our busy Philadelphia streets.
all warm wishes,

Lesa said...

You're welcome, Cordelia! The Conjurer is one of the first books I'm picking off that February stack. I'm looking forward to it.

I hate to think of you becoming a danger to yourself. Still living in the past while wandering the streets of Philadelphia?

Good luck with your book.