Monday, December 11, 2006

Your favorite gift

There's a questionnaire going around the internet right now, and some of the blogs, called Holiday Get To Know Your Friends. It's twenty-five questions about how you celebrate/celebrated Christmas. It's fun, and you do get to know people a little better from their stories about what they remember and cherish from Christmas.

However, I have an added question. What was your favorite book related gift? Even if you don't email an answer to the blog, think about it. Do you remember the person who gave it to you? Did the gift have a special meaning?

I have two gifts that my mother gave me, at separate times, that have special meaning.

One year, she gave me a pillow she made. It had a verse on it, changed a little for the situation, "Richer than you I'll always be, I had a Father who read to me." The picture on the pillow was of my father reading to me when I was about a year old. I sobbed my heart out when I opened it. My father's been dead now for over ten years, but both my parents shared their love of books and reading with me.

Last year, she gave me another gift that made me cry. When I was in first grade, I made all A's on my report card. My father was so proud of me that he bought me my first "adult" book - Little Women. It was a few years until I was able to read it, but my FATHER bought me a book. Last Christmas, my mother gave me a little box. In the box was a bookmark. The box was lined with endpapers. It was endpapers from an early edition of Little Women.

My mother is one of those people who knows how to give gifts. You're lucky if you have someone in your life who knows your love of books, and shares that love, and a love of memories.


Sue said...

Hi Lesa! My very favorite book is The Art of Looking Sideways. I can pick it up anytime and start reading any section. It is a magical visual/text excursion and since I LOVE art it is right up my alley! Makes me literally think from different angles, perspectives. LOVE IT!!
My other very favorite book was given to me by a very good friend, Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer, a personal account of the Mt Everest Disaster--riveting!

Lesa said...

Thanks, Sue. I'll have to look for The Art of Looking Sideways. It sounds intriguing.

Kris said...

Oh - your Mom sounds like a wonderful lady.