Wednesday, December 06, 2006

My Secret

Frank Warren follows up the success of PostSecret with a new collection, My Secret. PostSecret was a collection of postcards sent anonymously to Warren, revealing secrets that people hadn't shared. In two years, there were over 50,000 secrets on decorated postcards. According to Warren, those cards sent by young people stood out for their loneliness and heartbreaking secrets. My Secret is a small collection of postcards sent by teens and college students, never-before-seen cards from around the world.

I found both these collections to be emotional and moving. These two books are some of the most popular books amongst the library staff in our system, as they are passed from person to person. The reader can't help but be moved by the raw emotions expressed on some of these postcards.

Warren had a connection with the suicide helpline, 1-800-SUICIDE. According to cards, many people have connected to that number because of PostSecret. The forward to My Secret expresses thanks from the founder, a man who lost his wife, and eight years after founding the helpline, was in danger of losing that as well due to federal cuts. The PostSecret supporters came through with money to keep the suicide helpline alive. It's a wonderful connection in light of the troubled postcards you can read in both of these books, and the ongoing blog.

Frank Warren's website is

My Secret by Frank Warren. Regan, ©2006, ISBN 0061196681 (hardcover).

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