Friday, December 01, 2006

Cozy Library

I just added a link on the right to Diana Vickery's great website, Cozy Library. It's at

Diana's homepage describes the purpose of the site, and sets the scene better than I can, so I'm going to quote her.

"The Cozy Library

Picture an overstuffed chair, comfortable enough to sit in for hours. Imagine a cup of cocoa, topped by whipped cream, steaming on a nearby table. You might even feel the warmth from a roaring fireplace and hear gentle rain making music on your windows – it’s a perfect afternoon to be indoors.

Now put a book in your hand – but not just any book – a Cozy Book, one chocked-full of kind-hearted characters, with a terrific story masterfully told, and a satisfying – and generally happy -- ending. No explicit sex or violence, no wall-to-wall profanity.

You’re now in the Cozy Library.

The Cozy Library has been designed for readers who enjoy a good cozy read. It is a place to learn about cozy books you haven’t read or to get to know your favorite cozy authors."

As we head into the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, a cozy might be just what you need to escape. Check out Diana's website!

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