Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Baby Shark's Beaumont Blues

Baby Shark is back in Robert Fate's second novel, and once again, the body count is high, the action non-stop, and the story makes your pulse race. Kristin Van Dijk (Baby Shark) is now a private investigator, a partner in Otis Millett's agency. What are the two partners doing now? Otis sums it up when he says, "Well, take a hopped up heiress, a couple stiffs, stir some speed into the mix along with a hundred G's in cash, and I'd say you're gonna come up with something nasty for sure."

Kristin and Millett thought they were rescuing a kidnapped heiress. Throw in drugs, a crime boss, a streetsmart waitress, and a sexy cop. Set the whole story down in 1950's Ft. Worth/Dallas, and you have a successful suspense novel. Otis insists, "We ain't killed nobody who didn't come out here set on killing us." Kristin Van Dijk and Otis Millett are just waiting for the right actors to play them in an action film. Fate has another winner on his hands. Hollywood, are you reading this?

Robert Fate's website is www.robertfate.com

Baby Shark's Beaumont Blues by Robert Fate. Capital Crime Press, ©2007 ISBN 9780977627622 (paperback), 269p. (May publication)


Bill Cameron said...

I had the pleasure of reading this just a week or so ago, and I loved it. Kristin is really coming into herself. I think Robert is wonderful. The hardest part is having to wait until May before I can make all my friends buy it!

Lesa said...

Bill - I totally agree. I'm a little frustrated that I can't post other reviews. For those who enjoyed Baby Shark, I want to say, look at Kristin now!