Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Playing God

In Kate Flora's new mystery series, Joe Burgess, "Portland's meanest cop," is working nights when he catches the case of a murdered doctor. Flora has not only done a wonderful job with an intriguing new character, but she has made February in Maine a vital part of the book.

Burgess is the most experienced detective on the Portland police force, so his supervisor allows him to work the case, despite his hatred for Dr. Stephen Pleasant. It seems that everyone had a reason to hate Dr. Pleasant. On page 180, Burgess says, "This case has everything - unhappy wife, angry ex. Hookers. Drugs. Money problems. Maybe blackmail and a vic nobody liked, including his patients."

Although this reference is about Pleasant, it could also refer to Burgess. "It was about power. Being larger than life, with larger than life needs." Playing God. Flora's title has numerous meanings in this compelling police procedural. One of the best mysteries I've read this year.

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Playing God by Kate Flora. Five Star, ©2006. ISBN 1594144613 (hardcover), 396p.

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