Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Days of Summer

My first review for Library Journal appears in the June 15, 2006 issue. I reviewed Jill Barnett's romance, The Days of Summer. Here's the review, courtesy of www.libraryjournal.com.

In Barnett's (Sentimental Journey ) first novel in four years, the effects of a car accident reverberate across three generations and 45 years. In 1957, drunk financier Rudy Banning kills himself, his wife, and two others when his car plows into a musician's station wagon. Banning leaves two young boys to be raised by their tyrannical grandfather. The musician's widow, Kathryn Peyton, would have committed suicide except for her four-year-old daughter, Laurel. Thirteen years later, brothers Cale and Jud Banning are rivals, their powerful grandfather having pitted them against each other. Both men fall for Laurel when they meet on Catalina, and she's torn between them until a tormented Kathryn reveals the truth about the Banning relationship to the Peytons. Laurel's decision to flee will change everyone's lives. When a building project brings Laurel's daughter and Cale's son together years later, Laurel must decide to make peace with the past or allow her mother's obsession with the Bannings to destroy another generation. This absorbing romance is filled with engaging characters whose eventual maturity changes the course of family history. Their lives are all changed, not only by time, but by the relationships they formed when they were young. It's unusual for a romance reader to have the opportunity to observe the changes in characters over a long period of time, and Barnett handles the span of time with skill. Highly recommended for public libraries collecting romance.-Lesa M. Holstine, Glendale P.L., AZ

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libraryann said...

WHOOP WHOOP!! Let's hear it for the big LH in the big LJ!
Nice job. I'm going to tell everyone I know...and you know how many people I know.

Jimmers said...

Congratulations! Your first review in LJ! It's onward & upward from here! I am very proud of you. With all the reviews you are doing, sometime in the future you will have your own business reviewing unpublished authors and suggesting changes. Again congratulations, Lesa AKA Presley. Now you will have to explain that to everyone. (smile) I love you!