Sunday, April 30, 2006

The Saddlemaker's Wife

I'd love to get to Poisoned Pen Central Tuesday to tell Earlene Fowler how much I enjoyed this book. I'll only get there if Dept. Heads meeting is cancelled though.

Fowler is the author of the Benni Harper series of mysteries with quilt patterns as titles. The Saddlemaker's Wife is a mainstream novel, which I would compare favorably to Barbara Samuel's books. It was one of the two best books I read in April.

When Ruby McGavin's husband of six months died, she's shocked to discover he never told her the truth about his family. He leaves her 1/4 of a ranch, and an apology for telling her they had all died years earlier. When she travels to Tokopah County, California, she finds a family already torn apart by secrets including more secrets about her husband. Her search for the truth could bring her additional heartbreak, or finally bring her home.

Ruby is a fascinating character struggling to find her own place in the world. She thought she finally found love and contentment until her husband's death tore her apart. Fowler's ending leaves open the possibility of a sequel. Ruby is a character who should be brought back so the reader knows if she found happiness.

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