Sunday, January 01, 2006

Curiosity Killed the Cat Sitter

Animal lovers need to know right up front that no animals were injured in the course of this book. Blaize Clement's first mystery is Curiosity Killed the Cat Sitter, featuring Dixie Hemingway. Dixie is a former deputy with the Sarasota County Sheriff's Dept., who left due to personal tragedy. Now she works as a pet sitter, taking care of people's pets, and lives in an apartment on the same property as her brother and his partner. She's worked to recover, but discovering a body in the house owned by one of her clients doesn't help. Although she's tried to shield her emotions in the last few years, Dixie allows her feelings to drag her into the investigation. She's pushed a little by the investigating officer, Detective Guidry, who treats her as a colleague.

Clement's first mystery is an outstanding debut. Dixie is a sympathetic character who's had problems in the past, and had a difficult time coping with tragedy. She's fought back, with help from people she loves. And, she might still have problems coping with life, but she's working on it. Dixie Hemingway is a strong, likeable character. I hope she'll continue to move on with her life, with the help of the strong supporting cast, in a number of books.

On a personal note, as a Ft. Myers, FL resident for eighteen years, I enjoyed the Sarasota setting.

I'll be rooting for Blaize Clement, and pushing her Dixie Hemingway series.

It was a terrific book to kick off the new year.

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