Saturday, November 12, 2005

Cat People

Michael and Margaret Korda have written a charming cat book, with enchanting sketches by Michael. This is a perfect gift book for the cat people in your life. The Kordas tell of famous people who loved cats, such as Winston Churchill and Abraham Lincoln. In fact, they say cat people are ones who don't take themselves too seriously.

Most of the stories are about the cats in the Kordas' lives, beginning with Irving, Margaret's cat before the two married. When they moved to Dutchess County, New York, they found themselves adopted by a number of cats. Cat lovers will recognize their cats and themselves in the stories of cat hierarchy and roles. Only cat people put up with the ruined furniture, drapes and carpets, broken objects, and fur-covered clothes. It's a life we're happy to share with the cats who own us.

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