Monday, October 31, 2005

Books read in Oct. 2005

October was a good month for mysteries! Here's the list of everything I read during October.

The City of Falling Angels - John Berendt - The author of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil looks at the life of Venice, Italy for seven years.

The Darwin Conspiracy - John Darnton - Two researchers examine Darwin's story of his voyage and his daughter's journal account of his later life.

The Green Room - Deborah Turrell Atkinson - A Hawaiian attorney is present when her cousin's life is threatened by an ancient Hawaiian weapon, and she knows it's not an idle threat.

Tilt-A-Whirl - Chris Grabenstein - Two cops in a resort town in New Jersey investigate a murder and kidnapping in this police procedural with touches of humor.

Relics - Mary Anna Evans - Faye Longchamp finds violence and suspicion on her first archeological dig in Alabama.

Now You See Her - Cecelia Tishy - Psychic Regina Cutter consults on a cold case in Boston, and events snowball out of control.

Next Man Up - John Feinstein - A year behind the lines with the Baltimore Ravens football team. One of the best books of the year.

Marley & Me - John Grogan - Story of Grogan, a journalist, and his life with the "world's worst dog," a yellow Lab.

Riding Gain - Joyce Krieg - When a former intern at the radio station in Sacramento is murdered, talk show host Shauna J. Bogart investigates.

Dig - C.R. Corwin - A newspaper librarian in Ohio links the murder of an old friend with the fifty-year-old murder of a college wrestler.

The Cipher Garden - Martin Edwards - In England, a historian and a cop look into the cold case of a gardener murdered on the job.

Delete All Suspects - Donna Andrews - Turing Hopper, an AIP, and her team check out a computer business when its owner is the victim of a hit-and-run.

Now You See Me...:A Novel of Suspense - Rochelle Krich - True crime writer Molly Blume reluctantly searches for a teenage runaway who is an Orthodox Jew.

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Pat B. said...

Nice blog! I enjoyed your October review list. "Dig" by C.R. Corwin sounds like my cup of tea.