Sunday, July 31, 2005

Books read in July, 2005

Here's the summary of the fifteen books I read in July. Good reading!

Eleven on Top - Janet Evanovich - Stephanie Plum trieds to quit the bounty hunter job, and becomes a target.

The Merchant of Venice - William Shakespeare - A merchant helps a friend by borrowing money against his ships, which fail to come in before the Jewish moneylender calls him into court.

Forcing Amaryllis - Louise Ure - Trial consultant Calla Gentry reluctantly takes a case in which the defendant reminds her of her sister's brutal rape.

Eye of the Wolf - Margaret Coel - Someone killed Shoshones, and left their bodies on a battlefield, stirring up old memories of a massacre.

This Dame for Hire - Sandra Scoppettone - In 1943, Faye Quick, a secretary who took over her boss' detective agency when he left for war, stumbles over a body.

Wrong Side of the Wall - Eric Stone - The story of Blackie Schwamb, a great baseball pitcher who ended up in prison.

Read It and Eat - Sarah Gardner - Month-by-month book club selections and recipes.

The Nitrogen Murder - Camille Minichino - Gloria, a retired scientist, goes to Berkeley for a wedding, but discovers her friend's fiancee is caught up in murder and espionage.

What My Cat Has Taught Me About Life - Niki Anderson - Stories and meditations for cat lovers.

Killing Time - Linda Howard - A police investigator teams up with an FBI agent when a time capsule disappears & people associated with it are murdered.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - J.K. Rowling - Harry's sixth year at Hogwarts when Voldemort's forces are stronger amidst a great deal of turmoil.

The Death Collectors - Jack Kerley - Detectives Carson Ryder & Harry Nautilus are on the trail of a murderer when they discover the death collectors, people who collect serial-killer memorabilia.

Mew is for Murder - Clea Simon - Theda Krakow, a freelance reporter, finds the body of a cat lady.

Little Chapel on the River - Gwendolyn Bounds - The author finds sanctuary after 9/11 in a small New York town and a pub called Guinan's.

Sweetwater Creek - Anne Rivers Siddons - A coming-of-age story about a young girl in South Carolina who has had nothing but loss in her life.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for reading my mystery debut, "Mew is for Murder," Nikki! I'm curious what you thought about it! If anyone else out there would like to try it, I have an excerpt up on my website, and I love feedback.

Happy reading!