Friday, June 10, 2005

Eric Stone, author

Yesterday I went to the Poisoned Pen Central in Phoenix to hear Eric Stone talk about his new books. He has two out right now. His detective thriller, The Living Room of the Dead, introduces Ray Sharp, an American journalist who gets mixed up with the Russian white slave trade in a story that moves from Hong Kong to Macau to Russia.

I was particularly interested in his book, Wrong Side of the Wall, the true story of Blackie Schwamb, a pitcher for the St. Louis Browns who ended up in prison where he played ball, pitching against major league and minor league players on visiting teams. Eric interviewed Schwamb for the book, and his stories about the interviews are fascinating. I bought Wrong Side of the Wall, and am looking forward to it.

And, Eric was raffling off tickets to the Arizona Diamondbacks/Minnesota Twins game, and I was lucky enough to get the tickets. Jim couldn't go, so I took a co-worker. And we met Eric at the game. First, I have to say, what wonderful seats! Section O turned out to be right behind the Diamondbacks dugout. I never had such great seats! Eric's great company, since he's a baseball and Dodgers fan. We talked about baseball and his book tour (although I probably talked too much). He certainly has the right attitude for a first book tour - that this is the time to get to know the booksellers so that when his next book comes out, they say, "Oh, another Eric Stone." He's a very nice guy - even walked us to the car afterward. I hope he has a good book tour. Certainly should be a fun one since he's going to ballgames throughout the country as he tours.

His web site is Check it out!

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Lesa said...

Eric emailed me on Sunday and said he had posted on his web site after the game. So, if you go to, then click on Book Tour Blog, he has his side of the story, and a picture of Judy and me at the ballgame. Fun!