Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Books read in May, 2005

Lots of nonfiction this month for some reason. Here are the brief summaries of the books I read this month.

A Voice for the Dead - James E Starrs & Katherine Ramsland - Starrs, a forensic investigator, examined the deaths of Dr. Carl Weiss, Jesse James, and others.

The Little Guide to Your Well-Read Life - Steve Leveen - Suggestions as to improving the number & quality of books read.

Being Perfect - Anna Quindlen - Thoughts about over-trying for perfection in life.

Dead Run - P.J. Tracy - Two police forces and the Monkeewrench team join forces to search for a cop and the two Monkeewrench women who disappeared on the way to Wisconsin.

Oh My Stars - Lorna Landvik - In the 1930s, a young woman bent on suicide joins up with a small group of musicians & everyone's lives change.

Call of the Mall - Paco Underhill - Business portrait of a mall.

The Spice Box - Lou Jane Temple - In 1864 New York, Irish immigrant Bridget Heaney's new job as a cook is disrupted when she finds the murdered body of her boss' son.

13 Seconds: A Look Back at the Kent State Shootings - Philip Caputo - Revisits Kent State 30 years after the shootings.

A Good Yarn - Debbie Macomber - Once more, three women become friends of Lydia's at the yarn shop on Blossom Street.

Take Big Bites - Linda Ellerbee - The journalist's story of her life, adventures and food.

Dead Beat - Jim Butcher - The 7th Harry Dresden novel in which the Chicago wizard tries to prevent necromancers gaining power and killing thousands.

Honeymoon with My Brother - Frank Wisner - When Wisner's fiancee backs out, he travels the world for a year with his brother, Kurt.

Who's Afraid of a Large Black Man - Charles Barkley - Interviews about racism with people such as Tiger Woods, Bill Clinton and Morgan Freeman.

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Anonymous said...

Oooh. A game I can play. I don't do summaries, only lists. Heavy on the mysteries this month partly because it took absolutely forEVER to read the Spencer Wells book so I could move on to another nonfiction.

OK. In the month of May,

Mysteries by:
Barbara Cleverly (2)
Kathy Brandt
Tom Eslick
David Skibbins
Elizabeth George
Kit Ehrman
Jane Haddam
Sue Henry
Earlene Fowler
Jonathon King
Walter Satterthwait
Donna Leon (2)
Cath Staincliffe
PJ Tracy

Mainstream fiction:
Kate Atkinson, Case Histories (no, it's not a mystery)

Spencer Wells, Journey of Man: a Genetic Odyssey
and parts of
Craig Childs, The Way Out
Susan Brind Morrow, Wolves & Honey

Juvenile fiction
Theodore Taylor, Ice Drift
Katherine Hannigan, Ida B


Miriam B.
Santa Fe Public Library