Monday, May 23, 2005

Plot devices

There is a discussion going on on Dorothy_L, the mystery listserv, about what people dislike as plot devices.

I will not read Femjep novels (Women in jeopardy). I don't like the books, and I don't like the TV shows and movies in which women are prey, constantly in danger.

But, I loved mystery writer Eileen Dreyer's comments about what she dislikes. I liked her phrase "Too stupid to live." Here's her comment,

"My biggest wall-banger, though, is that TSTL(too stupid to live)
heroine, who, against all advice, just knows she has
to put herself in danger without back-up, or, worse, has been
traumatized several times already for not learning that
lesson, and keeps doing it. My feeling is that the bad guy should just
shoot her. She is, TSTL."


Wilton Ormonde said...

are you serious?

Lesa said...

I'm sorry, Wilton. Am I serious about what? Yes, I appreciate Eileen Dreyer's comment. She's the one who made it about heroines who are TSTL. After too many Gothic novels, why does a stupid woman go by herself at night, in her high heels to some place where she should know better?

I am also serious in that I don't like femjep novels. That's my personal preference. I don't watch those those movies, and I don't read the books where a woman is stalked throughout the book. I don't find them intriguing. I find them threatening and uncomfortable to read.