Sunday, May 01, 2005

More Book Lust opinion

Adrienne asked how I liked More Book Lust by Nancy Pearl. Loved it! I've heard Nancy Pearl speak twice in the last six months and she's unbelievable. So are her books. There are plenty of books in More Book Lust that I don't want to read, but a number of books and categories that sound fascinating. I'm so impressed with someone who can read that many books, and has the information about them at their fingertips. The only other person I ever met that was that good was Mary Kay Biagini, my Book Selection prof in undergrad. Years later I heard her speak at the Ohio Library Conference, and she still impressed me with her knowledge of popular literature. So, Adrienne, if you're looking for another book that will provide you with years of reading suggestions, More Book Lust is it.


adrienne said...

Thanks! I'm waiting with baited breath for it to come out next week! I'm so glad you liked it.

Tom Dubis said...

You might want to know that
Mary K. Biagini is still a voracious reader.
Now at the University of Pittsburgh's School of Information Sciences
and Director of its School Library Certification Program,
she remains dedicated to
professional excellence, reading,
and her students. As well,
she teaches in the school's FastTrack online MLIS degree program.

Lesa said...

Thanks, Tom. I think Kent State made a big mistake when they didn't make her Director. On the other hand, she probably has more time for her students, and everyone should have a Mary K. Biagini in the library school background. She was wonderful! It's nice to hear she still is.