Friday, April 15, 2005


I read Jeffery Deaver's collection of short stories because I literally bumped into him at the Lee County Reading Festival (me: oh excuse me, Mr. Deaver! him: Please (smile)...Jeff.) I recognized him instantly because he looks exactly like his picture on the backs of his books - menacing. His demeanor was surprisingly personable. I thought I should at least check out his work - although belatedly. I also figured it was a safe bet that I could make my way through a set of short stories given my current schedule.

In general I found the writing to be rather uneven. At times pedestrian and forced and occasionally, I forgot I was reading (high compliment). But, if I am going to read something touted as "mystery fiction" I want a little more suspense and a lot less description of the night air and its weight on the tree boughs. The title certainly does the stories justice. Each one has a twist to it. Some were a little predictable or a little "so what" but at least two or three of them caused me to "(gasp!)NO!" The reflex that I enjoy so much.

So, for quick semi-satisfying reads, pick up Twisted. For a really creepy encounter with a twist at the end - bump into "Jeff" in person.

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Lesa said...

My biggest regret about not being at this year's Lee County Reading Festival is not meeting Jeffrey Deaver. I worked for three years to get him there, and then moved before he participated.

Glad to hear he's just one more, though, that fits our saying. "The bigger they are, the nicer they are."