Friday, April 29, 2005

New Mercies

New Mercies is the latest novel by Sandra Dallas, author of The Persian Pickle Club (which I would recommend to any woman who hasn't read it). Dallas' latest book tells of people haunted by the past. Nora Bondurant is haunted by the secret behind her divorce and her ex-husband's subsequent death. When she inherits property in Natchez, Mississippi, she is intrigued by the secrets behind her aunt's murder and a neighbor's suicide. And, in 1933, the people of Natchez are still haunted by the ghosts of the War between the States, slavery, and their own losses. Two ex-slaves, Ezra and Aunt Polly, are the key to Nora's search for answers.

Dallas brings her characters and 1933 Natchez to life in an atmospheric novel.

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Anonymous said...

Sandra Dallas is superb at characterization. Even minor characters seem well rounded. She writes a historical novel that is neither trite or stereotypic.