Friday, April 15, 2005

Lawrence Clark Powell

I remember reading works of Lawrence Clark Powell's when I was in grad school, and I was very impressed with his writing. He was founding dean of the School of Library Service at the University of California at Los Angeles. Nancy Pearl quoted him in her new book, "More Book Lust," and I loved his quote.

"I have always been reconciled to the fact that I was born a bibliomaniac, never have I sought a cure, and my dearest friends have been drawn from those likewise suffering from book madness."

If you're reading this blog regularly, I hope you suffer from book madness.

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libraryann said...

book madness - yes, i believe I qualify. Witness me get fevermad when I go for too long without a sufficient dosage of "good book."
Friends have seen it and know it is not pretty.
I, too, seek no cure...just a good read.