Saturday, April 02, 2005

Assassination Vacation

I should let Ann review this book, since she knows the author, Sarah Vowell, but maybe she will post about it when she reads it. (Ann?)

Assassination Vacation is a fascinating book, showing the author's knowledge and research about three presidential assassinations - that of Lincoln, Garfield, and McKinley. Who else has traveled to so many sites related to these murders? Who else can combine that knowledge with humor? And who else does such a marvelous job comparing the McKinley administration with the problem with the present administration?

I loved the following paragraph. 'Of course talking about the murders of previous presidents is going to open the door to discussing the current president. That's what I like to call him, "the current president." I find it difficult to say or type his name, George W. Bush. I like to call him "the current president" because it's a hopeful phrase, implying that his administration is only temporary.'

Vowell's wit and knowledge permeate the entire book.


libraryann said...

Since our branch is the ONLY branch in the system to have this book on order (because I requested it), I will read it as soon as it comes in (actually Jill H. beat me to the reserves list so I'll be gone by the time she gets done!)
I've read great things about it and look forward to it. I'll probably buy it in paperback.

Lesa said...

I was driving to Phoenix to the Burton Barr Library on May 10 when NPR's Talk of the Nation featured Sarah Vowell talking about her book. I didn't get to hear it all, so I listened to it on Thursday on the computer. Very interesting, and very interesting knowing she was a friend of Ann's. Six degrees of separation.