Friday, March 04, 2005

Brown Bag Luncheon Books

I'm doing a Brown Bag Luncheon next Wednesday to discuss Sleepers, books that people might have missed. Here's the list of the 15 books.

The Last Song Dogs - Sinclair Browning (1st in a
mystery series set in Arizona. Detective is a female
rancher and P.I.)

Storm Front - Jim Butcher (lst in series about Harry
Dresden, a wizard in Chicago - only wizard in the
Yellow Pages. Terrific series about Good v. Evil.)

King Con - Stephen J. Cannell (The King of the Con Men
pulls off one last scam to avenge his cousin's

Fast Women - Jennifer Crusie (Humor, romance and
murder as a divorcee who desperately needs a job tries
to organize her boss at a detective agency.)

The Persian Pickle Club - Sandra Dallas (In the 1930s
in Kansas, a quilting club harbor a dangerous secret.)

The Merchant's House - Kate Ellis (1st in a British
mystery series in which Detective Sergeant and amateur
archaeologist Wesley Peterson finds a strange
relationship between his case of an unidentified boy
and a nearby dig where two skeletons have been

Home to Harmony - Philip Gulley (A Quaker minister's
humorous tales of life in a small Midwestern town.)

Murder in Alphabet City - Lee Harris (2nd in a mystery
series featuring NYPD Jane Bauer and her cold case

The Blue Edge of Midnight - Jonathon King (1st in a
mystery series featuring an ex-cop in the Everglades.)

Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons - Lorna Landvik (Five
women in small-town Minnesota are linked together by
their book club for 40 years.)

Snow Treasure - Marie McSwigan - Possibly based on a
true story, in 1940 a group of Norwegian children
smuggle gold out of the country, under the noses of
the Nazis.

Julie and Romeo - Jeanne Ray - The story of two rival
florist families and the chaos that results when older
members of the families fall in love.

No Place Like Home - Barbara Samuel - Twenty-one years
after she fled her family home, Jewel Sabatino brings
her best friend home to Colorado, when he's too sick
to care for himself.

Sweet Hush - Deborah Smith - Hush McGillen's life as a
successful businesswoman is turned upside down when
her son brings home his new bride, the daughter of the
President of the United States, followed by a
deep-cover agent sent to rescue her.

Monkeewrench - P.J. Tracy - An odd software company
finds they're in trouble with the law when someone
imitates their latest computer game to kill people.


Jan said...

Some of these books sound like lots of fun to read and discuss. I wish I could be there with you for the discussions. Keep me posted.

Lcolcord said...

I am very lucky in that I work in the same library system with Lesa, AND I got to attend this brown bag lunch! I want to read every one of these! I wish I was a speed reader!