Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Amazing Gracie

I don't read much nonfiction, and everyone who knows me, knows I am a huge dog lover. For this reason, I almost always read books that I consider "safe." That is, books where the dog doesn't die. But....Amazing Gracie is a wonderful story about a deaf, partially blind, albino Great Dane. Her story is told with humor by Dan Dye and Mark Beckloff, and whimsically illustrated by Meg Cundiff. This book, written sensitively, but without melodrama, will make you laugh, rejoice, cheer and cry. It is also the story of the beginnings of the wonderful bakery for dogs, Three Dog Bakery. Humorous parts include Gracie's first day in her new home, Dan's dress shoes, and what the dogs were possibly thinking at stategic moments in the story. Since this is a book about Gracie's entire life, it naturally includes the end of her shining light. Be prepared to cry. This is a book that will last in my mind for a long time!

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