Saturday, January 15, 2005

Poisoned Pen Central

I had a great experience today. I went to the opening of The Poisoned Pen Central in downtown Phoenix. The Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale is a large independent mystery bookstore. Haven't had a chance to get to it yet. Today they opened a small one that's in a renovated warehouse. It's meant to hold events. It's in the same building as an art gallery that will hold a large Chihuly exhibit in 2006. And, Arcadia Farms Restaurant will have a restaurant there as well. They want it all to be a destination.

Anyways, The Poisoned Pen is famous for the steady stream of mystery writers that pass through the doors. I think their web site is if you want to see the list.

For the grand opening, they had Jan Burke and Linda Fairstein talking about their latest books, and writing. Jan remembered me when I introduced myself since I was out of place in Arizona. She had done our Lee County Reading Festival twice for me. She autographed my copy of her new book, Bloodlines, with "For Lesa, who has been good to me coast to coast." And, I had a picture taken of the two of us which she said she would autograph if I sent it to her.

I had corresponded with Linda Fairstein, but she hadn't been able to come to the festival. She was always really nice about it. She signed Entombed with "Good to meet you at least. Coop meets Poe - Enjoy!"

They both had very interesting things to say about their current books, the professions of their main characters, and the change in those fields.

The attached picture is me with Jan Burke.

Made for a terrific day! Now one of these days Jim & I are going to the original Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale.

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Lesa said...

And I promised Lesa that I am going to get to Scottdale, to the "Posioned Pen," as soon as one of my author's comes there. Lesa really did enjoy today & came home glowing!